Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Putin expelles thousands of peaceful fans of Conchita Wurst from Red Square

... after Universal Music (attention: exclusive contract with the EBU) announced that 10 million Russian consumers have signaled consent to Western victory of tolerance with purchase of a Conchita-Wurst-CD... Something like that will be the next headlines around the Eurovision Song Contest in German media. It is not difficult to foresee. 

Conchita Wurst has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 for Austria. Although hardly anyone was interested in this number, Conchita since September 2013 has been marketed on the American propaganda station Radio Free Europe as "controversial". The reason for this artifical controversy is Conchita's appearance as a Dragqueen. The Western press explains the popularity of this appearance with – sorry - not verifiable rankings of the ESC and defines the success as a world-wide victory of western tolerance. But this tolerance is limited, because the rest of the world is denied own moral standards. 

With gays against Gazprom 
Why this explosive political issue is associated with Austria can easily be explained, too. After long negotiations Austria signed at the end of June 2014 a contract with Gazprom concerning the Russian pipeline project South Stream. Because of these successful economical relations the U.S. seem to panic. They put pressure on those countries that are involved in the South Stream project. Experience with the preparation for ESC in Baku 2012 (also a potential gas supplier in Europe), raises concerns that there will be again cruel attempts to influence public opinion

The script is known 
In order to destroy the economic relations of Russia, Russia must be discredited and isolated. 
To distract from economic and military interests, artificial events are created. 
These artificial events are shaped by abstract concepts, which have a high reputation in our society, such as fun and tolerance. 
And then there will be aroused a cult of deep concern. The initiators and their “Conchita-fans” stage as poor innocent victims of the Russian evil. It will follow disinformation, polarization and a pressure to take a decision against Russia. 

Growing lack of tolerance and patience among "Conchita-Fans" in US 
RIA novosti informed that Conchita Wurst from November 2014 will be publish an album and be topic in Russia. "Conchita-Fans" in the US are not willing to wait so long, so they publish an abstruse article in Newsweek about Conchita and Putin's plans to recreate an own Russian contest. Yes, you read correctly. An American magazin. 

A bit of my personal controversy at the end: I suggest Conchita presents the new album in Russian Chechnya or Dagestan. Flashily dressed in mother’s evening gown and wig and beard made with coffee grounds Conchita should claim gay marriage in Dagestan and Chechnya. Putin will be forced to divide incompatible groups with incompatible views on tolerance, moral standards, political systems, traditions, customs and – last not least - tastes. 

And then German media and ESC-fanclubs once again will work at their best.


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