Montag, 1. September 2014

Anders Fogh Rasmussen can be supposed to represent Denmark at the next Euro Vision Song Contest in Austria

The particular personal weakness for the European glamor show, Rasmussen had already shown this year while visiting the ESC in Copenhagen. With an award tailored to him as "European of the Year, that have contributed the most to European development and cooperation across Europe", which was presented to him for the second time, he can prove his passion for all European issues. Beside him, Angela Merkel, José Manuel Barroso and Danish ESC winner Emmelie de Forest received this award. 

Among experts it is no secret that Europe and the EBU march to the tune of NATO. That NATO in enforcing their military interests no longer will neglect fun, is dutiyfully welcomed by the EBU. Insiders even want to know the title of the song, with which Rasmussen will compete in Vienna: "Me And My Best Friend". 

And once again there are wild speculations who might be meant by “friend”. Will Rasmussen have his coming out as a close friend of Conchita Wurst and as gay and thus encourage the debate of tolerance? Or is it an ironic allusion to Putin? A sarcastic text to set the Austrian host under pressure to cancel the contract with Gazprom? Or is it the monkey on his head? If Rasmussen wants to go on stage with the little monkey at first ESC rules have to be changed because so far animals are not allowed on the ESC stage. But to change the rules of ESC should be the slightest problem for a NATO Secretary General. 

Referring to insiders facebook users want to know that the song title is about “friends” instead of “friend”: "Me And My Best Friends." It was also leaked that the EBU under pressure has to mobilize media, fan clubs and social media groups that ALL Europeans vote unanimously for Rasmussen, otherwise the sanctions against Russia would be extended to the NATO countries. 

Hardcore-fans are amused by Rasmussen’s bold approach to the ESC stage, but stay true to their motto: "It all depends on the song". They advise to another title. Statistical analysis of 60 years ESC have shown that the words "Love", "Oh", "Just" and "Let" are bringing success. Their favorite title for Anders Fogh Rasmussen is called "Oh, Just Let Me Love You". Whether Europe, Conchita, Putin or the monkey … everything fits.