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Georgia will win Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - We are going Shin

To understand why I enjoy such predictions, one has to read my ironic text to the absurd Eurovision business from last year. My conclusion: "Georgia’s culture becomes a white spot on the map. That this isn’t true proves a concert by The Shins.“ 

Question: Who is nominated by Georgian broadcaster to represent Georgia 2014? Right, The Shin. This is for me like a personal victory at ESC . 

And soon follows disillusionment. To be able to appreciate the value of these musicians, you have to experience them at live-concerts. The band exists since 1998, members are Miminoshvili Zaza (guitar), Zurab J. Gagnidze (bass) and Mamuka Gaganidze ( percussion). They live and work in German city Stuttgart as music teachers since 1994. Yet in Georgia they are still the most respected musicians of the country. With the 2009 awarded first prize at the German World Music Contest Creole they became known to a wider audience in Germany. For their concerts they usually invite usually friends, musicians and dancers. At this year ESC jazz singer Mariko Ebralidze will support them.

The repertoire of The Shin is a fusion of Georgian folklore, flamenco, funk, Shakti, jazz-rock and jazz. Their compositions and improvisations are excellent, but their virtuosity is even more striking. With strength and fun, coolness and liveliness, tradition and modernity at the same time they draw attention with their " instrumental theater" for hours. Would art and skills be relevant at this competition The Shin would have to win. 

But it is not about music in this Eurovision TV show. The number of participants is limited to 6 people, the instrumental part is recorded play-back and the piece may not be longer than 3 minutes. High class musicians are mixed with pop-dummies and reduced to a low level. Finally the “voting” delivers corresponding results. 

Theatre of the Absurd 
Instead of rejoicing that something sophisticated is offered tu us fans, ESC-fans have complained about the nomination of The Shin. The Georgians had to justify their nomination. I can imagine that rather producers from Sweden are angry. Independent decisions of the Georgians and excellent musicians are possibly not their cup of tea. In any case the Georgians are quite different to the usual fairytales about surprizing little girls and the usual ABBA sound. When the professionals of The Shin delivered on 14.03.2014 their commissioned work it was the straw that breaks the camel's back. Now there was even considered a petition against this song. So we are redirected

... in just 3 minutes back down to earth of Eurovision's facts
The song "Three Minutes To Earth" is a 3 -minute multi-layered sound with a constantly changing of harmony and rhythm, a mix of world music with jazz, Georgian polyphony and a little a bit of pop. As expected it does not sound as as ABBA but refers more to Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia. 

And now we are going Shin? Shin is Georgian and means "coming home" . Would be nice if The Shin brings the Eurovision Song Contest home to Georgia.


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