Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

Break the rules and fool Europe with Conchita Wurst

One of the numerous Nonames who is created exclusively for the Eurovision Song Contest and who has become known only via the Eurovision Song Contest is the fictional character Conchita Wurst. Now the function of this figure is clear: Diversionary tactic. The victory is supposed to represent the West as modern, democratic, fair and transparent, at the same time it is tried to attack Russia as an old-fashioned dictatorship - with gay propaganda. 

Let's take a look behind the funny gay facade of ESC 
According Norwegian, Swedish and Romanian news some music label plan to boycott the next Eurovision Song Contest 2015. With these foreign reports I rely on google-translate but nevertheless I will try to reproduce what had happened: 

Since 2004 Universal Music has the sole right to publish the compilation for ESC. So music acts which are under contract with another label are at a disadvantage. From the date of publication (April / May) they lose legitimate revenue. Now the EBU plans to sign an exclusive contract with Universal Music which awarded Universal the entire rights to the songs. Thus, the other labels even lose their revenue by streaming and donwloads BEFORE and AFTER release of the compilation. 

In Norway, Sweden and Finland the pre-selections are an important part of the domestic music market. Sony, Warner and DaWorks (the label of this year's representative for Romania) point out that it makes no sense for them to participate in the pre-selections under these circumstances. I'm assuming that this repression is the purpose of the contract between EBU and Universal. 

Until now I have not found an explanation by the EBU. Jon Ola Sand (Chairman of the Reference Group of EBU) as always rambles of "brand" and has patronizingly suggested that the EBU invests a lot of money in the contest and provides a platform to unknown "Nonames". I would be curious to know who makes such decisions, who legitimizes these people and in whose interests they act. Instead of that Jon Ola Sand refers to the "Nonames". In this context, it is probably not surprising that it is a popular and professional musician from Romania / Norway, who has already participated 2 times in ESC, who published this defect of an unserious contract with Universal: Ovi (Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu)

The "brand" of the Eurovision Song Contest is just misnomer 
It has neither to do with Europe nor with music, and absolutely nothing with a fair contest. In back rooms completed exclusive contracts with only 1 US company breaks the rules of democracy, transparency, fairness and competition. European public and musicians are deprived of their rights and responsibilities. The only thing that still refers to Europe is that the ESC is co-financed by European fees and taxpayers and hosted by European countries for a lot of money. 

All this only for the benefit of a single U.S. company?


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