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2011 - ESC-Fan Anders Behring Breivik: I hope Germany wins

On 22.07.2011 in Norway a double terrorist attack occurred. In the government quarter of Norway's capital a bomb exploded and short time later an attack was committed at a youth camp on the island of Utoya. A total of 77 people were killed. The assassin was the Christian fundamentalist and neo-fascist Anders Behring Breivik. 

A few hours before the final of Eurovision Song Contest in Germany 
Breivik wrote the following phrases in his manifesto: "Saturday May 14 - Day 13: It's the final Eurovision today I just love eurovision ... :-) It's a lot of crap music but I think, it's a great show all in all. I've seen all the semi-finals and will take the time of to watch it later today, online. My country has a crap, politically correct contribution as always .... ... 

I hope Germany wins
A few hours later it is not Germany, that does win the ESC but Azerbaijan. For Norway the 25 year-old Kenyan Stella Mwangi started and for Germany Europe saw for a 2nd time Lena Meyer-Landrut. 

With this quote Breivik outed himself as a prominent fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and as a fan of German Lena Meyer-Landrut. These statements indicate that there is an interconnection between ESC and an active but covered neo-fascism. In media, Breivik is labeled as a loner, in his mind he is not, he represents whole networks on the internet. A year after the attack, for example, the network Politically Incorrect has published his speech, in which Breivik once again justified his act of murder with referring to the ESC. Norwegian participants are called as “asylum seekers with Tatar background" and their popularity prove the "mental illness", “cultural obsessions” and “cultural self-contempt” of our societies and the need of immediate medical treatment. 

This case shows how the mix of deception with apparently innocent events (ESC, Olympic) and the label of “Pro-America, Pro-Israel" (PI, no German will dare to criticize them) with artificial scenarios and totalitarian fun campaigns à la Lena can easily get out of control. But this possible cause-and-effect-relationship and its dangers are concealed by media and politics. No one has professionally questioned what EBU and the German “Lenastheniker” (supporter in broadcast, politics, business, church and fanclubs called themselves Lenastheniker) “do so well" that neo-fascists feel attracted. What is aim and purpose of the whole Lena-crap? Only 1 German scientist, Ralf Steckert, has pointed out that with the German Lena-Schland-campaign nothing was "natural" or "amazing". 

Media and politics only evoke skepticism against the "evil Internet" and demand more control of domestic intelligence and secret services. After all information about NSU and NSA I think that's complicated. In a democracy I would prefer control of an enlightened and critical society. 

So I am still alone with my thoughts and questions 
No star or fan can make responsible for all fans. But in my opinion one should sharply distinguish from terrorism. To hush up this fan and his brothers in mind is unprofessional and can be misunderstood as consensus. 

Besides: What if Breivik had preferred Russia's or Azerbaijan's victory? German media, ESC-fans or German blogger Stefan Niggemeier would not have been silent. As they every year record any discrepancy in Russia or in other non-Nato-countries they would have certainly accused these countries (especially Putin) of murderous music campaigns and demanded collective punishment and exclusion from ESC. But in case of Germany they are ignorant and innocent.

And last not least: The fact that not even the Jewish community in Germany takes offense when a murderous racism is distributed under the label of "pro-Israeli" irritates me beyond measure.


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