Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Elhaida Dani from Albania - best singer of 2015

It's time that the best singer wins Eurovsion Song Contest. In my opinion the best is Elhaida Dani from Albania. Her optimistic power song "I'm Alive" differs positively from this year's mass of ballads, commemorative songs and R&B. Due to her skills Elhaida Dani could become a world star à la Celine Dion. Dion's career began in 1988 with the victory of the ESC. 

"I'm Alive" is Elhaida Dani's contribution to Eurovision Song Contest. It is written by music producer Arber Elshani (Zzap) and Chriss Lekaj (Chriss) from Kosovo. 


Previously Elhaida's participation in the ESC was uncertain because her song "Diell", with which she had actually won the Albanian preselection was withdrawn by the composer. "I'm Alive" had to be written under great time pressure, but I like genre, structure and instrumentation of the new song much better. 

2013 Elhaida Dani took part in "Voice Of Italy" and impressed the Italian audience when she as female singer of rock and soul presented the song "Mama Knows Best" by Jessie J. She convinced all 4 coaches with her powerful voice. Eventually Elhaida won the competition with 70% of public votes. At least the Italians know the worth of good singing. 

In addition to ballads, rock, R&B or Musical also folksongs belong to her repertoire. In her hometown of Shkodra she sang the song "Ya Nabi Salam alayka" of Maher Zain in traditional presentation. A simple and charming female singer with headscarf from one of the poorest countries in Europe overnight may become an international star... This is the material where the dreams come true, at least in the eyes of a lot of ESC-fans. 

In her promotional video for Eurovision she presents herself and summarizes her musical career shortly.


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